Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank provides free current account banking services for civic societies that join Civic Voice and pay interest on these accounts.

The free banking service covers all day to day activities including paying in cash and cheques and managing standing orders. Credit interest will be paid on all credit balances held at a rate of 0.25% below Base Rate. This is usually only available for accounts with balances in excess of £250,000. To streamline the account opening process the Co-operative Bank can arrange for your standing orders and direct debits to be automatically transferred and can even arrange for your existing account balance to be transferred.

Civic societies will also benefit from internet banking, including provision for dual authorisation, and local depositing and cheque encashment facilities can be provided at nominated local Post Offices as well as local branches. This is convenient for civic societies and helps support Post Offices in the community.

The Co-operative Bank is the only UK bank with a published ethical policy and the first one to establish a specialist charity team