Alliance of Cathedral Cities and Historic Towns

The idea of the Alliance came from the Canterbury Society and HCCA was formally launched at the 2015 Civic Voice Convention in Bristol in October 2015. We have had generous financial support from the All Churches Alliance and we intend to use some of it to produce the report in the form of a booklet that will be launched at the Chester Convention. We will then aim to disseminate its message as widely as possible among planners and decision makers.

We aim to develop a network of Civic Societies, other organisations and individuals to:

  • Share ideas and exchange information about the challenges facing historic towns and cities
  • Consider and publicise a variety of solutions to the challenges identified
  • Represent these towns and cities and give them more power to shape their future in ways which protect their heritage

We are an open alliance, not an exclusive club so, as long as your Civic Society is a member of Civic Voice, and is interested in being part of the campaign (and isn’t already) please contact one of the steering group via the Civic Voice Membership Helpdesk Here.

Our next general meeting will be on Saturday, October 21st at the Civic Voice Annual Convention in Wakefield. We will discuss the future of the Alliance and how we can move forward with lobbying and campaigning on behalf of our beautiful historic cities and towns.