at risk

The first results of what people say they value which is at risk are:

1. Well cared for historic buildings
2. Having a natural setting and views
3. Lots of open space and gardens
4. A range of independent shops and markets
5. Historic street patterns and town centres

78% (196) of civic volunteers identified something they cared about in their local area which is at risk. The variety of things that people value but feel are at risk is wide. The loss of historic buildings such as lidos, swimming pools, town halls, churches, fire stations, bridges, old school and court buildings, windmills, theatres, museums, cinemas and industrial heritage are among the most frequently raised concerns. One example is in Bristol where there is concern about the risk to the Banksy artwork on the boat Thekla in the harbour from other graffiti. Another is the threat to the recently vacated Art Deco factory building dating from 1939 which sits like a “giant white crate” outside Basingstoke as a striking landmark. A more pervasive fear is that of losing green fields and green spaces to new development. The identity that comes from a range of independent shops and a successful local market is also clearly both valued and vulnerable and many people feel that the integrity of the architecture and layout of their local area is at risk.