The first results from what people say makes the place where they live attractive are

1. Having a natural setting and views
2. Lots of open space and gardens
3. Presence of water – river, canal, lakes and ponds
4. Well cared for historic buildings
5. Unspoilt townscape

and how people feel…..



People love access to nature and the countryside from where they live. Greenery and peaceful places on their doorstep and views out to surrounding hills, woodland and fields are central to what makes places attractive in people’s lives. They also value being in touch with the seasons and are attracted to rivers and lakes and also the sense of history that comes from having historic buildings and places with strong architectural identity.

Howard Oliver, Warrington Amenity Society says:

“The thing that is most attractive about where I live has to be all the different parks and open spaces. No two green spaces in Warrington are the same, whether visiting Sankey Valley Park to unwind and enjoy the nature or taking the kids along to Victoria Park to play and have fun. Warrington really is a safe and attractive place to live and work.”

Griff Rhys Jones says:

“I live in central London - almost on a traffic island in Oxford Street. Twelve years ago, it felt reckless to move my children in to the big smoke, but we are in an un-zoned mixed community like a proper urban village. It works because it has not been scaled up. It is attractive because of its variety. It has night life but not too much and a jumble of building styles that conform to the street pattern and the scale of the plots.”