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Powered by Civic Voice, Civic Day is part of a growing movement changing how people collaborate and interact with the place where they live.

National Civic Day inspires residents to take action and 'be civic', 'be innovative', 'be though-provoking' to transform their historic high street and conservation area through hundreds of actions in one day. Civic Day is a national celebration of civic pride. It is taking place on June 20 2020.

Civic Day is a national celebration of civic pride. It is taking place on June 20 2010 and we need your support. We believe that the future of conservation areas can be positive. We believe we can put communities in control of conservation areas. We believe we can see more communities such as The Deal Society playing a central role in long term management of their local area. But we need your help.

Research by Historic England, shows that only a small majority of those surveyed who live in a Conservation Area (56%) were aware that they actually live in one. This suggests a need to raise awareness. This is exactly what Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society did. We need community groups across the country to get involved in our Big Conservation Conversation campaign and celebrate where they live for Civic Day 2019. We want to see a Civic Day activity take place in every conservation area across England.

Although the co-ordinating work is done by Civic Voice, what really makes this event happen is the fantastic effort of thousands of volunteers. These people give guided tours, put on exhibitions, arrange street parties, organise competitions and help visitors understand the area they live in just a little bit more. The first ever Civic Day was held on June 25th, 2011 and involved over 200 community groups across England who put on over 350 events to celebrate where they live. Since then over 1500 community events have been held across England making Civic Day a truly national event.

Download the Civic Day toolkit by clicking here. 

Looking after conservation areas is a responsibility shared by those of us who live, work or do business in them as well as those of us whose job it is to manage them or make decisions about their future. Yet 56% of people do not even realise that they live in a conservation area. Conservation Areas must be protected - they have an important role as we look to the future and can help councils, civic groups and communities to preserve what's really special for future generations to enjoy. We want Civic Day to be the national opportunity for members of the local community to get involved with protecting and enhancing their conservation area, either individually or through groups. In previous years. groups have helped to prepare character appraisals and management plans for conservation areas whilst others have carried out their own assessments to identify management issues. 

Say "My Conservation Area Matters" and support Civic Day 2019 on June 20 2020.

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