Civic Day

Hale Civic Society Civic Day with Portsmouth's schools Formby Civic Society giving out certificates to school children Altrincham and Bowdon coverage City of Winchester Trust Skipton Civic Society and Civic Day press coverage

Civic Day is a national celebration of civic pride. It is taking place on June 23 2018.

Civic Voice has a variety of workshops and events available throughout England to help you prepare for Civic Day. 

Although the co-ordinating work is done by Civic Voice, what really makes this event happen is the fantastic effort of thousands of volunteers. These people give guided tours, put on exhibitions, arrange street parties, organise competitions and help visitors understand the area they live in just a little bit more. The first ever Civic Day was held on June 25th, 2011 and involved over 200 community groups across England who put on over 350 events to celebrate where they live. Since then over 1500 community events have been held across England making Civic Day a truly national event.

Download the Civic Day toolkit by clicking here. 

Civic Day 2017 launch event - Why do you care about where you live?

This year we launched Civic Day in the Houses of Parliament with the help of Civic Day 2016 award winners and their local MPs. You too can get involved. The week commenced on 14th November, and we asked MPs the the question 'why do you care about where you live?' People got involved with the debate on Twitter @civic_voice using the #ICareAboutWhereILive #CivicDay and tols us why you care where you live. Remember pictures always make a story. Tweet us with a picture of yourself holding our Civic Day sign which you can download and print off here

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