Civic Voice’s vision is a country where every individual in England can say “I am proud of where I live”.  

As part of the annual Civic Day celebrations we will be organising a national “civic pride survey”, This survey is known as Civicwatch. Any civic group or individual across England can take part and we will be asking people to tell us how proud they are of where they live.

Civicwatch can be linked in with any activity your group already has planned for national Civic Day, or you can get involved as your “participation” for Civic Day. The survey can be organised locally by an individual or by a civic group. The only requirement for taking part is that all surveys have to take place on or during the period of Civic Day - June 17th 2017.

Civicwatch is the civic movement’s annual contribution to finding out how proud we all of our towns, villages and cities. The results from Civicwatch are used locally by each civic group and by Civic Voice to capture the “civic state of the nation”.  We want to reawake the nation to the importance of being "civic" and Civicwatch is central to these plans.

Via this website, you can download copies of the survey and you can use it with people on your local high street, or visit your local town centre where you can ask members of the public whether they are proud about where they live. The survey will reveal trends over time and show how “civicness” differs across the country. It will be a “civic snapshot” of the country on a particular day.

We want every civic group in England to participate in this survey. By being able to mobilise “500 civic groups” to ask these questions, Civicwatch will give us a greater insight into how people feel about their towns and villages then any survey that has gone before. 

Get Involved

If you haven’t yet registered for Civicwatch then you are not too late. It takes just a couple of minutes to register via

Registeration is required so that we can count the number of towns participating in this survey. All individual survey responses will be anonymous.