The first results from what people say makes the place enjoyable where they live are

The top five

1. Having a friendly and spirited community
2. A range of cultural and community activities
3= Retaining the feel of a village or market town
4= Good cafes, pubs and places to eat
5= Lots of open space and gardens

and how people feel…..


Community and culture are at the heart of what makes places enjoyable to live in. A friendly spirit and a constant stream of activities and events rate highest and people also enjoy places offering a wide range of cafes, pubs and other good places to eat and socialise. Compact places with plentiful green space and gardens that retain a characteristic village or market town feel are also highly valued.

Elaine Smith, Blackpool Civic Society says:

“Blackpool is MAGIC! It brings happiness and joy to millions with our trams, piers, illuminations and Stanley Park. It is regenerating itself into a modern thriving holiday resort once again, proud of its history and Victorian heritage.”

Griff Rhys Jones says:

“Fitzrovia has parts of recognized great architectural worth and parts which are ‘ordinary’ by Central London standards. But there are no such distinctions as you walk through it. It evolved. It blends together to make a safe place that you want to explore at any time of day or night. Big shops, yes, but little shops too. Big offices, but not universally so. Houses, apartments and dead ends for cars so they keep out. Squares and narrow alleys. This is almost impossible to replicate in new build and very difficult to improve by centralized planning. There is always something of a minor, unthreatening nature going on.”