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Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Bridge on Thames The Causeway, Godmanchester Marple Memorial Park Berwick by the sea River in Abingdon Holy Ghost Chapel Ruins, Basingstoke The river in Chippenham Doncaster Mansion House Faversham Market Square Huntingdon Town Hall Wild flower meadow, Sidmouth Huddersfield Canal View over Dobcross, Saddleworth All Saints Church, Blackheath Isleworth overview Wildbrook Common, National Trust

Love Local is Civic Voice’s campaign to uncover the local DNA of different places – Love Local will reveal what makes them distinctive and you proud to live there.

It is simple to join in – complete the short survey asking what you love about your area and why and send us some images. Civic Voice will build a constantly updating digital mosaic of the results – showing what people love about the different parts of England and encouraging others to give voice to their feelings too. We pledge to champion the things you care about.

Get Involved

To get involved in the Love Local campaign you should complete the short online survey and we are also asking for digital images of what makes you proud about where you live. These are displayed on our Flickr site at

Click here to take our survey

Your views will help us build a picture of what makes people proud about where they live and encourage others to give voice to their feelings too. Civic Voice pledges to champion the things you care about.

Why do you love where you live? 

You can see the early results here from a survey of civic society volunteers or you can click the image to the right for the full summary

1. Lots of open space and gardens
2. Having a natural setting and views
3. A friendly and spirited community
4. Well cared for historic buildings
5. A range of cultural and community activities

This is what civic volunteers say makes them proud about where they live

What civic volunteers say makes them proud using

Do you agree with them?

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