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Locally civic societies get more involved in planning issues than anyone else. More and more civic societies are setting out visions for their area and getting involved in plans for their neighbourhood – raising the bar and setting out the expectations of the local community for councils, landowners, business and investors to meet. Have a look at some examples on the right. 

Everyone wants to see common sense reforms to planning policy so that uncontentious developments get a green light, and planning officers are able to focus on the cases that really matter; but the Government's latest proposals put everyday England at risk. Please support this civic movement campaign. Numbers count on an issue such as this.

We know that many local Civic Society committees hold meetings with developers and they, the committee, give their views on the proposed development. We think Community Design Review is an opportunity not to be missed for civic societies as it can be a positive way of engaging and influencing proposed new development for the better. Our ethos is to encourage the community, through groups such as civic societies, to proactively and positively engage with developers and their teams. Civic societies contributing to the planning process is a cost-effective and efficient way to facilitate community-led design.

The work of civic societies across the country is exactly what the country needs to deliver 3million+ homes. What we need now is to formalise the work of the civic movement so that we become more organised on planning and housing. We know that some societies are in need of support to develop skills and expertise to manage increasingly complex planning applications. We want to support civic society and other community groups to do this.

This appears to be a positive step in the right direction and something Civic Voice will be highlighting so that other communities can have an example of effective meaningful engagement.   

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