Protect our Place

As part of its National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP), English Heritage has committed to encouraging greater active engagement in the historic environment by more people.

Protect our place is a wide-ranging survey of current community action which exists to protect local places. The overall aim of the project is to provide a foundation for understanding the range and type of community action currently underway to protect local places and how this can be supported and strengthened.

Civic Voice is uniquely placed to undertake this project. We are the national charity for the civic movement with a network of hundreds of volunteer-led, community based civic societies at its heart. These groups are motivated by civic pride. We have excellent networks within and beyond the heritage sector to community groups with a wider interest in place.

To visit the official Protect our Place website, please click here.

Get Involved

To get involved in this project, you can contact Sarah Spurrier on or you can call her on 07595630017