The first results from what people say makes them proud about where they live are:

The top five

1. People taking action on behalf of their community
2. A friendly and spirited community
3. Lots of open space and gardens
4. Well cared for historic buildings
5. A sense of history

and how people feel….

The pride that stems from people being willing to get up and do something about their local area is one of the most striking early findings of the Love Local campaign. This is rooted in the sense of history and stories of different places. People take pride from others around them and the best mix is when this combines with local green spaces and historic buildings that provide roots and identity in people’s lives. In Nantwich it is the number of people over 70 riding their bikes that instils a real sense of pride in the place for oPride ne volunteer.

Rob Ward from Neston Civic Society says:

“I’m proud about Neston because it’s such a great mixture. We have a quirky history, from the 17th century port and coal mining area, to a modern market town where we’re brave enough to be building a supermarket in the middle of the town. We still have an outdoor Friday market and every June the Ladies Day procession, which has been going since the Napoleonic wars. When you go shopping you always meet people you know. There are fantastic walks and cycle rides – along the Wirral Way and also the Dee coast, and we have great views of north Wales across the Dee estuary.”

Griff Rhys Jones says:

“Silly, but I like the idea that some people thought we were mad. This is the best place I have ever lived. Better than a suburb. Better than a rich man’s ghetto. And I am proud that there are dozens of watchful organizations that argue about what happens and care about their Fitzrovia. We are very lucky that they do.”