Civic Manifesto

As you know, Civic Voice policy is developed democratically through member elected Trustees who make up our Board of Trustees, we have a policy committee made up of member groups, members can vote at our annual AGM, and a member voice that is listened to at all times throughout our work via focus groups and away days.

The same will be true of our next Manifesto.

At the 2015 General Election we have a huge opportunity to build on the first few years of Civic Voice and influence the future agenda impacting on our towns, cities and villages. But to achieve this, we need to develop strong policies that reinforce our values, appeal to our potential supporters and can be delivered by Government. That’s where you come in.

Following the approval of the Manifesto Themes at the AGM in Liverpool, the members of the Manifesto Working Group want to continue a dialogue with members as we draft the Civic Manifesto Document that will be launched in 2014 at the Party Political conferences. This will give us time to influence the Political Party manifestos.

Join the Debate

The seven themes have been submitted for debate by members of Civic Voice and agreed as the focus of the Civic Manifesto by the Board of Civic Voice. However, you can still shape the debate by submitting your ideas on each of these themes and organising a meeting with your own civic society.

Download this tool to help you organise a manifesto discussion in your local community. Remember to submit the results of the conversation to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).