Manifesto - The process so far

We want members to be able to feel as though they have formed this document, as such being more committed to implementing the ideas and recommendations within it. It is about creating a true, united civic voice.

Opportunities to engage in this process are listed below.

So far

  • Summer 2013 – there was a Manifesto Consultative Session
  • AGM 2013 – The AGM agreed the key themes

Identify the issues (Dec – Feb)

  • Manifesto Ideas/Website launched – a series of consultative events and call for ideas throughout the country based on the 7 themes agreed at AGM.
  • Regional Events- we will hold a meeting in various parts of the country to discuss and feedback ideas.

Agree our views (March)

  •      Spring Conferences 2014 – a further Consultative Session.

Launch draft document for feedback (April)

  •      4th year anniversary Conference 2014

Test ideas (April-June)

  •      Discussion on the draft with one and all!
  •      Agree final policies (July)

Summer - Member Awayday

  •      Launch manifesto (September)

September 2014 – the final Manifesto will be published.

  •      Champion our manifesto (September – May 2015)

September 2015 – the final Manifesto will be published.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Civic Societies and partner organisation will also input at various stages throughout the year.