Themes for Civic Manifesto

The main focus of concern for the Civic Manifesto will be:

1. The Planning System
2. Priorities for Growth
3. Town & City Centres
4. Design Quality
5. Heritage
6. The Public Realm
7. Civic Pride & Civic Action

You can offer as many ideas as you like about an issue on town and city centres, town and country planning or any of the other issues we have agreed. Please note we recognise that some of the issues cross over.

You can tell us a story (a case study) about existing activities by a local group that is really making a difference to people and should become widespread practice.

Here are some key questions you might want to consider in your submission:

  • What is your policy idea?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How would your policy idea work in practice?
  • How much would it cost?
  • Are there any disadvantages or potential risks that need to be considered?

Ideas submitted will be sent to the Manifesto Working Group for consideration as part of the drafting process. The Group may choose to open up some submissions for further discussion on the site.
You can tell us new ideas that may never have been tried before.

Please be as creative as you like! We only ask that contributions be constructive, and on topic.

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