Why are you a member?

Read why Vernon Porter and Oxford Civic Society joined Civic Voice!

Oxford Civic Society (OCS) works across the city of Oxford. The City Council is the planning authority; the County Council is the Highway Authority. The City has a current Core Strategy and the County a current Local Transport Plan. Our mission is to help Shape Oxford’s Future. We try to influence both authorities in both their long term planning and in execution of the plans. To do so we need to understand the pressures they are under from central government. We need to understand the processes they have to follow. We also need someone to try to influence central government.

We need someone to alert us to changes, brief us on proposals or processes, act as an advocate for our views and those of similar groups. That’s why we saw the need for Civic Voice, supported its formation and have tried to contribute to its vitality. Whether it is NPPF or Permitted Development Rights or whatever the next Government initiative maybe, we need to be alerted and briefed. We can then set out our views and pass them to our MP or as input to a formal consultation. But what we really need is a conversation with senior civil servants and ministers out of which, hopefully, the initiative is improved to contain more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. Lobbying as I think it used to be called! No individual Society can achieve that.
We believe that the civic movement needs a unified national voice and we try to play our part in providing it through Civic Voice.

The Insurance package, the EH & NT vouchers, the briefing emails are all very nice to have. We keep promising ourselves that we will use Protect our Place to signpost things we are doing and use it to find other Societies with whom we should network. But it is the national voice that makes joining Civic Voice a ‘no brainer’.

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