Hannah Seager from Altrincham is the first winner of the Young Civic Society volunteer award!

The Marsh Civic Awards are an annual award to recognise an "outstanding contribution to the civic movement" by an individual and a group. The awards are supported by the Marsh Christian Trust and this year, we introduced a new award to recognise the outstanding contribution made by a younger person to the civic movement. Hannah Seager from Altrincham was the first winner of the award!

Conservation Areas make a major contribution to protecting our Heritage for future generations. To tell the local story on Conservation Areas in Altrincham it was important to show as many of their fine buildings and the nine areas as possible. As video is now a very common media, particularly with younger people, the society started talks with the local College about creating a video to tell the story about why Conservation Areas are vital. 

An extremely able first year student, Hannah Seager, volunteered for the project. From just an outline storyboard she produced what we thought was a WOW! video. Hannah worked within an impossibly tight time deadline whilst also completing her normal college assignments which were necessary part of her course on film and TV at Trafford College. She kept the video short so as hold the attention of the viewer and maintained a moderate pace to the story. Screen captions got extra impact to the main messages of why conservation areas are important. She made sure the history and reasons for conservation was explained in an understandable way. 

On Civic Day 2017 Hannah’s video had center stage on our town center stall, playing continuously. The video helped to start many conversations on how Altrincham can protect their heritage.

View the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B14TY5eAmNw