Heritage at Risk 2019: 501 conservation areas officially classed as at-risk

Historic England has revealed the historic sites most at risk of being lost forever as a result of neglect, decay or inappropriate development by publishing the annual Heritage at Risk Register 2019.

The Register gives an annual snapshot of the critical condition of some of the country’s most important historic buildings, sites, monuments and places.

Across the region 310 sites have been removed from the Register because their future has been secured, often by community intervention, while 247 sites have been added to the Register because of concerns about their condition.

Highlights include:

The London church that inspired the traditional wedding cake design, a Sikh Gurdwara in Leeds, a gunship wreck off Hampshire, and First World War aircraft hangars in Cheshire have been saved
The oldest surviving timber trestle railway bridge, a 19th century lighthouse in Essex and military complex constructed during the Napoleonic Wars are now at risk
Over the past year, Historic England has offered £8.5 million in grants to help England’s best loved and most important historic sites.

Learn more: https://historicengland.org.uk/whats-new/news/heritage-at-risk-2019/