If not now, when will you respond to a national planning review?

Below is a list of Civic Voice members which have so far responded to the Government's Planning White Paper consultation. The deadline was 11.45pm on October 29th.

Civic Voice's response to the Planning White Paper is available here.

* If no link is available, the response was direct to the Government's online survey.

  1. Addingham Civic Society
  2. Alrewas Civic Society
  3. Bath Preservation Trust
  4. Beckenham Society
  5. Beeston Civic Society
  6. Beverley & District Civic Society
  7. Bollington Civic Society
  8. Bourne Civic Society
  9. Buxton Civic Association
  10. Cambridge PPF
  11. Chester Civic Trust
  12. Cheltenham Civic Society
  13. Chesham Society
  14. City of Rochester Society
  15. City of Winchester Trust
  16. Cirencester Civic Society
  17. Coventry Society
  18. Doncaster Civic Trust
  19. Dronfield Civic Society
  20. Ealing Civic Society
  21. Epsom Civic Society
  22. Falmouth Civic Society
  23. Friends of Abingdon Civic Society
  24. Great Yarmouth Civic Society
  25. Grimsby, Cleethorpes & District Civic Society
  26. Guildford Society
  27. Halifax Civic Trust
  28. Harlow Civic Society
  29. Hertford Civic Society
  30. Highgate Society
  31. Horbury Civic Society
  32. Howden Civic Society
  33. Hythe Civic Society
  34. Ipswich Society
  35. Isleworth Society
  36. Ilkley Civic Society
  37. Leeds Civic Trust
  38. Lichfield Civic Society
  39. Maidenhead Civic Society
  40. Market Harborough Civic Society
  41. March Civic Trust
  42. Milton Keynes Forum
  43. Moseley Society
  44. Newent Civic Society
  45. Newbury Society
  46. Norwich Society
  47. Otter Valley Association
  48. Ossett Civic Trust
  49. Oxford Civic Society
  50. Purbeck Society
  51. Reading Civic Society
  52. Ripon Civic Society
  53. Rossendale Civic Trust
  54. Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society and RTW Town Forum
  55. Southgate District Civic Voice
  56. Shaftesbury Civic Society
  57. St Albans Civic Society
  58. St John’s Wood Society
  59. Stroud Civic Society
  60. The Buckingham Society
  61. The Wokingham Society
  62. Tiverton Civic Society
  63. Vale of Evesham Civic Society
  64. Wakefield Civic Society
  65. Weymouth Civic Society
  66. Wellingborough Civic Society
  67. YHACS White Paper Response


Do let us know if you submitted a response and your group is not listed above. You can email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Even if you do not feel as though you can respond to every question, that's fine, but we need every civic society to make a representation about the following three points:

  • We welcome the opportunity for earlier and more meaningful engagement, but not at the expense of reducing the right for communities to make representations at a later stage.
  • Best in class engagement means allowing sufficient time and providing adequate resources to facilitate a meaningful role for the community to engage
  • Let’s develop the digital but not to replace the physical.

If you need support in responding, do let us know via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).