In perfect timing for its golden jubilee, Beeston Society boasts a new committee of volunteers

In perfect timing for its golden jubilee in 2023, Beeston Civic Society boasts a new committee of nine volunteers – its largest for a long time: with six brand new members, and three who’ve decided to stick around.

This news is made all the better as, just a few months ago, a dwindling Committee meant the Society’s future hung in the balance.

“But what is a Civic Society?” you may ask. Civic Societies are primarily concerned with improving the local area such as the high street with matters such as buildings, planning, and heritage. Their activities include commenting on planning to ensure high standards; campaigning against historic buildings being lost; establishing Conservation Areas, or cleaning up public spaces… that sort of thing. But while some civic societies are struggling to recruit new volunteers, Beeston’s now seeks to move things on a bit… Civic Societies do so much, the University of Reading published a report about them, read it here

This year, while all the usual stuff is still on their To Do list, so too are newer initiatives like: platforming Beeston Street Art and #alightinBeeston; working in with Skate Nottingham on a local skate park; supporting community
projects like Beeston 2020 Vision; championing truly progressive and aspirational improvements to the town rather than mediocre ‘sameness’; helping the natural environment by creating urban wild habitat ‘pockets’, and seeking greater protections for the Red Listed wildlife e.g. Bumblebees, Bats, Swifts, House Martins, House Sparrows, and Hedgehogs (all are resident in Beeston and at real risk of homelessness).

It is very difficult making change or calling for improvements as individuals - but by joining together with others, we can all be effective and make a difference. This is why the Society is embarking on the biggest drive for new members it’s ever undertaken – from the whole district; all ages, interests, and walks of life. 

So whether it’s the demolition of a building you love, or a neglected green space; something or somewhere in your neighbourhood you think should be protected or improved – why not become a member of Beeston or any Civic Society! and help do something about improving your local area? Civic Societies welcomes everyone to their events. Many have monthly meetings with guest speakers in winter, and guided walks and heritage events in Summer. Non-members are very welcome, so it’s a perfect opportunity to go, ask questions, and see what’s involved. 

You can also visit many civic socieites on their website, or follow them on social media for all the minutiae of living, working, and improving where they live. 

Over 50% of Civic Societies are registered charities, so rely upon funds from membership, donations, and contributions from local bsuinesses to exist. If you’d like to support Beeston Civic Society, or any other Civic Society, get in touch with them, or speak to Civic Voice and we can connect you!