Select committee on citizenship and civic engagement

The Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement was set up on 29 June 2017. It has to report by 31 March 2018. British society is changing. Technological, economic and cultural issues are leading to farreaching shifts in how individuals, families and communities live and work together.

The referendums on Scottish independence and Brexit, the recent attacks in Manchester and London by people, some of them born in Britain, an apparent low level of confidence in the effectiveness of the political system, not to mention concern regarding sections of society that feel “left behind” – all of these point to the need to reflect on those values, principles and processes that might play a role in bringing people together and promoting engaged citizenship.

This is why the House of Lords has set up a committee to explore the issues of citizenship and civic engagement in the twenty-first century. The committee is keen to hear from a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations in order to understand the nature of the citizenship challenge for different parts of society; the aim being to identify new ways of building bridges within and between communities, and to support civic engagement. How to think about citizenship and civic engagement in a more vibrant, positive and integrated manner is of particular interest to the committee.

The deadline is 8 September 2017.

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