The Civic Movement: Coronavirus and beyond

The current coronavirus lockdown has disrupted the work of civic societies, along with almost everything else in our national life. However, the enforced hiatus in so many of our activities gives an opportunity for those of us involved in the civic movement to pause and reflect on how things might develop in the future. It already seems clear that the eventual outcome will not be “business as usual”. Our patterns of work, travel, shopping and leisure are likely to change on a permanent basis and this could have profound effects on the economy and development of our cities and towns.

Members of the Civic Voice Board have been working together to consider how Civic Voice can best help civic societies in these unprecedented times. As an important first step, we have produced and circulated a survey asking societies to let us know how they are coping and what their future priorities will be. We have had over 110 responses so far but we need more. We are aiming for a minimum of 200 responses. We plan to use the results to shape our future priorities and seek funding support to carry them out.

Read a blog on some of the key issues coming forward. 

Read it here.