Wimbledon Society to use voice and speak up for community as part of National Civic Day

Organising group: Wimbledon Society

Event description
ONE: set up a stand at the local Wimbledon Village Fair on the 17th, with maps, publications for sale, membership information, with staff on hand to help the public with heritage and museum and planning issues.
TWO: Present to the local Council a comprehensive Plan for Wimbledon Town Centre 2040, drawn up to reflect the "wishlists" of 60 local residents groups as well as the Society.
The principal aims being to create a "memorable place" that acts as a focus for the community, a place of pleasure and pride and culture rather than, as at present, an unattractive utilitarian place to merely "shop and go". With crude new development being proposed ad hoc, and local groups given 3 weeks to "object". And with the public having no clear idea from any Council on what the future town will be like, despite having "Policies" in its Local Plan.
The new Plan by the Society reflects the different role that town centres will need to play in the future, with on-line purchase, autonomous vehicles, greater need for quality of life, and a clear local identity.
And a pedestrianised heart of the town, 400 metres long, giving pedestrians priority over vehicles, increasing the safety and pleasure of pedestrians and reducing their exposure to pollution.
Additionally, shaping new development to relate to the overall character of the place, and the needs of local people, rather than what appears to be the short term pillaging of economic opportunities by outside developers.
And integrating the proposed major Crossrail 2 station works into the fabric of the town both during the lengthy construction phase and when the dramatic enhancement of transport connectivity has begun to generate local development pressures and opportunities.
And taking a holistic rather than just a narrow "planning" view, integrating the provision of various public services, and seeing the benefits of properly investing and managing a town centre that is the biggest economic driver in the Borough, providing a substantial financial benefit to the Council in Business Rates etc.
And the potential for economic malaise if such a major asset is allowed to drift, as now.
And where the future plan is seen as "coming from inside the local community" rather than being initiated, controlled and implemented by "them" ie the no doubt well-meaning local Council.

Region: Greater London,
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