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The Constitution of The Isle of Wight Society states that the Objects are

The Society is established for the public benefit for the following purposes in the area comprising the Isle of Wight which shall hereinafter be referred to as the area of benefit.

1.To stimulate public interest in the area of benefit.
2.To promote high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting the area of benefit.
3.To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in the area of benefit.

Isle of Wight Society Policies

We believe that good architecture sits comfortably with its neighbours.

New Development
The Society welcomes developers who wish to create employment opportunities on the Island. We also welcome developers who wish to invest in communities by developing new or enhancing or enhancing existing properties. This encouragement is conditional and offered so long as the developments are sympathetic to their surroundings and the developers wish to have long-term active presence in that community. We do not support Mainland or Island developers who build properties intended solely as second homes that are likely to remain empty for long periods.

Alternative Energy
From the information we have received so far, the Isle of Wight Society believes that we should start using alternative sources of energy as soon as possible. We favour those sources that meet the requirements of transportability, storability and predictability. Biomass, biofuels, geothermal heat, solar energy and tidal power are the ones that meet most of the requirements.

  • Region: South East
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  • Individual Members: 122
  • Life members: 38


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