Saddleworth Civic Society


Saddleworth Civic Trust’s prime purpose is to enhance the quality of life in Saddleworth for residents, workers and visitors alike by conserving, protecting and improving the local environment.

The key aims of the Society are:

To promote high standards of architecture, planning, conservation and development,

To protect and conserve the distinctive Saddleworth landscape and built environment, and

To raise awareness within the community of architectural, conservation and development issues.

To further these aims the Society :

Undertakes and supports practical projects, including the restoring of old buildings, and improving the quality of public places and spaces’

Comments on planning applications for new buildings and developments in order to   guard against unsympathetic changes to Conservation Areas and historic buildings,

Campaigns on local issues, such as the reuse or development of derelict land ,or former industrial sites, traffic and public transport, and issues effecting the vitality of Saddleworth and its village communities’

Works with, and supports, local residents groups and associations on issues effecting the local community and environment

Works in partnership with the Local Authorities and other agencies providing local knowledge and support

Campaigns, where appropriate, for changes to local policy,  to raise public awareness of important issues effecting the quality of life in Saddleworth

Seeks to encourage excellence in architecture, conservation and restoration, by identifying and promoting outstanding local examples of architecture, restoration and environmental design.

The Society holds regular meetings in Saddleworth and publishes a quarterly newsletter.  New members are welcome.

  • County: Lancashire
  • Region: North West


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