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Tynemouth Village Association is a civic society whose main aim is to increase awareness of the beauty, history and character of Tynemouth village, the ‘jewel in the crown’ of North Tyneside, and to protect and enhance those features which make it such a special place to live, work and relax..

We aim to bring the village community together which involves-
•  raising awareness of Tynemouth’s special character through our newsletter, meetings, social, fun, family and fun activities, civic days and other forms of publicity
•  working to enhance all aspects of the village fabric and environment
•  encouraging new development sensitive to the Conservation Area
•  protecting and improving the quality of life for local residents
•  working closely with North Tyneside Council to encourage a high standard of planning control
•  preserving and improving public amenities, protecting sites of historical interest, and encouraging trade and tourism.
•  Improving the commercial area, especially Front Street
The association is a member of Civic Voice, the national organization for civic societies, and takes part in Civic Days to publicize the work of civic societies both locally and nationally.


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