Spot the Falcon

John Betjeman once essayed that it was the smaller things in the street we take for granted that epitomise and individualise where we live.  And then, one day, the Victorian lamp stand is taken away and we lose part of our heritage and part of our soul.

So it is with the Falcon which is missing from the pediment of the Dar Jeeling Restaurant near St. John's Churchyard.

It is the sole reminder of the Brewery and Maltings that stood here two centuries ago.  Now it is gone and we understand that the Conservation Unit at the HDC has served a dangerous structure notice on the building. The Falcon and carved stone base rested upon a large timber that has failed with the result that a collapse onto the pavement was imminent.  Unfortunately the Falcon was carved from soft sandstone which was almost completely rotten with the result that it did not survive the emergency works to stabilise the structure.  The owner has undertaken to get the Falcon remade/carved.  The large carved stone beneath was also rotten in places but has been saved and it will be reset on a new structure.  A structural engineer is working out the necessary calculations.