Season’s Greetings and Annual General Meeting 2020

  During what became an extraordinary and surreal year, the member events including talks, visits and working parties which we had planned for 2020 did not take place because of the circumstances surrounding the covid pandemic.

  We recognise that virtual meetings are not really a viable option for the Civic Society and had little choice but to cancel the 47th Annual General Meeting of the Windermere and Bowness Civic Society which was due to take place at the Marchesi Centre on 23rd April 2020. In line with guidance from The Charity Commission, we have a written record of this decision filed with the Society’s official documents. We have also achieved compliance with The Charity Commission by submitting the Society’s annual accounts, a copy of which is attached to this email. In addition, the current officers and trustees have agreed to continue in their posts until the 2021 AGM. We trust that you find all of this acceptable but, if you have any queries, then please contact us.

  We all wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2021 will be brighter than 2020 with life more like it used to be. We really do look forward to seeing you again when restrictions are lifted.

  Finally for now, we kindly ask you to pass on this information to any non-email Civic Society members that you know.