Griff Rhys Jones took JP Devlin to London’s Fitzrovia
Posted: 25 June 2011 09:01 AM   [ Ignore ]
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On Saturday Live Radio 4 this morning Griff Rhys Jones took JP Devlin to London’s Fitzrovia and talked about the neighbourhood. He talked about Cleveland Street where Charles Dickens once lived and said we “are temporary custodians” of our neighbourhood. He then went to Fitzroy Square where Griff lives and talked about the “wonderful mix” of people living here and many of the famous people who have lived and those who currently live in Fitzroy Square. He commented that Fitzrovia has a “strong Bengali community” there’s social housing here and that we need to be careful of big plans. JP Devlin questioned whether Fitzroy Square is open to the public. Griff skirted around that issue.

Those concerned about conservation and developments in Fitzrovia may like to read our three-part series in Fitzrovia News to coincide with Civic Day. See Part 1: Fitzrovia For Sale: Who owns what and ..., Part 2: Fitzrovia For Sale: An area action plan, Part 3: Fitzrovia for Sale: The Localism Bill, who is it good for?.