Can Griff Rhys Jones support our campaign / How do we get in touch with Griff Rhys Jones?
Contact us here with your request

How much is the membership fee?
The membership for civic and amenity societies is £1.50 per member (£1.50 per life member in the first year of joining) to a maximum £500 per society. The individual membership fee is £10. We also welcome applications form corporate members, town and parish councils and other interested groups. Every group will need to fill in the Civic Society Membership Application Form and send it with your membership fee back to Civic Voice. Click here to find out more about the advantages of joining Civic Voice

When does the membership year start?
Membership year starts on May 1st

Why should we join Civic Voice?
Civic societies are at the heart of Civic Voice. It is your organisation. You will decide our priorities and benefit from our campaigns. We will help on the issues that matter to you. The majority of our trustees are elected by civic societies. Civic Voice offers a number of membership benefits. Please see the link to our membership benefits page

We want to restore a listed asset but don’t know who the owners are?
Regulation 6 (1) sub paragraph d of the Town and Country Planning, England and Wales The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Regulations 1990 sets out the arrangements in these circumstances.

How much is the Convention?
The Convention delegate fee is decided each year and is approximately £40-50 plus any Eventbrite booking fee applicable at time of booking

How do I get in touch with my MP?
MPs contact details are listed on the Parliament website via http://www.parliament.uk/

When is Heritage Open Days / Civic Day?

Civic Day takes place on June 17th 2017 and Heritage Open Days on 8-11 September 

What if we do not agree with everything Civic Voice is involved in?

We do not envisage that every member should support eery campaign. Our work is in no way binding on member civic societies. The diversity of the movement is one of the strengths of the civic society movement while it also make the process of developing policy interesting and challenging. We believe the positive advantages of participation and the positive impact on the confidence of the movement outweigh the disadvantages.

How can we get someone to come and speak about the work of Civic Voice?

Please get in touch with the office as a member of the team or one of our trustees would be only to happy to come along and talk about our work. Get in touch at here.