Civic Voice launches the Big Conservation Conversation newsletter

Today, Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement, has launched a monthly newsletter which aims to keep you updated with all the latest news surrounding the Big Conservation Conversation. This comes as part of the 50th anniversary of the Civic Amenities Act 1967, which was introduced by Lord Duncan Sandys, Civic Trust founder. 

The civic movement is leading the celebrations of conservation areas during the anniversary year. 

Laura Sandys, Civic Voice vice-president and daughter of Lord Duncan Sandys said "To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civic Amenities Act 1967, Civic Voice is presenting The Big Conservation Conversation. This campaign will widen engagement with the popular planning instrument, conservation areas. There are over 11,000 designated heritage sites in Great Britain with 10,000 in England alone. Conservation areas aim to protect the unique character and historic architecture of our cities, towns and villages. We want you to show support for them by joining communities across the country to say “My Conservation Area Matters”."

You can read the newsletter here

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