Civic Voice to host regional roadshow

This year we are hosting a number of Civic Voice Conventions as part of a regional roadshow.

Working with the Civic Societies in each location we are pleased to announce the following locations and dates:

Wakefield, 13 April Register here
Colchester, 18 May
Malvern, September (date to be confirmed)

Each event will have its own programme that blends local and national issues, particularly in relation to planning and bringing in our work with Historic England on Blue Plaques.

The locations for these events are spread around England and we are keen to see members from all parts of the country at any or all of them. We are very grateful to the Societies in each location for organising and hosting these which has helped Civic Voice have a series of in person events this year. Details of the programme and booking information will be available here for each convention.

In 2025 we hope to have a single national convention and then alternate with regionally based events in subsequent years.