Cockermouth Civic Trust requests advice

A historic Grade II Listed Building in a prime location in Cockermouth, the ‘Old Courthouse’, has partially collapsed after being undermined by the adjacent river.

The owner does not have funding to execute repairs and Cumberland Council has consequently acquired powers to take the necessary steps to make the building safe. The Civic Trust anticipates that once this safe state is achieved, the property will likely be left in this condition for the long term as neither the Council nor the owner will have the funds to do anything more. The Civic Trust believes that Cockermouth has the opportunity to create something bold and new in its place for the future benefit of the town without prejudice to the historic townscape. However, we recognise the many challenges that will lie ahead, not least financial, and the need to create an initial vision that is both exciting and sustainable for the long term.

Cockermouth Civic Trust are interested to know if any other Civic Society has been involved in, or has witnessed, a project of this nature such that they are able to provide us with advice at this early stage. If so, please contact us on email address .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).