Evesham Civic Society joins Place Board to boost town centre pride

In a significant stride toward revitalising Evesham's town centre, the Evesham Civic Society has secured a representative seat on the newly formed Evesham Place Board, established by Wychavon District Council. This collaboration aims to rejuvenate the town centre and enhance local pride, building on the Society’s pre-Covid efforts to encourage property owners to maintain and repair their building frontages.

The Society's role to improve perception in the town and conservation area has expanded to identifying public realm issues across various council responsibilities, including the condition of bus shelters, pavements, noticeboards, graffiti, benches, and signposts. These efforts underscore the importance of maintaining public spaces to improve perceptions and foster community pride.

The impact of these efforts is already visible. The Town Council has implemented a thorough cleaning programme for bus shelters and initiated necessary repairs. The County Council is coordinating timetable displays and replacing damaged pavement areas, while the Town Council and Evesham Place Board are upgrading noticeboards with new perspex covers and streamlined content management. Additionally, Society members regularly patrol the town centre to remove outdated posters and remind event organisers to clean up post-event, fostering a more attractive and well-maintained environment. As eyes and ears for the Conservation Area, the Society also reports any issues, contributing significantly to the upkeep and pride of Evesham, despite challenges such as frequent flooding along the River Avon.

The involvement of the Evesham Civic Society demonstrates how civic groups can play a crucial role in improving perceptions of their areas. Their proactive approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the town but also fosters a sense of community and belonging. Other civic societies are encouraged to take note and consider similar initiatives to boost pride in place within their communities.