Great Yarmouth Civic Society awarded a grant of £5,000 to help maintain the historic rows

Last year, Great Yarmouth's town centre faced significant cleanliness challenges, with weeds dominating many areas. Despite efforts from a distant contractor, the town's appearance remained neglected. However, this year, the Civic Society of Great Yarmouth took action, securing a contract to maintain the cleanliness of historic Rows and neglected alleyways.

The project is a collaboration with the Great Yarmouth Council, Police and Crime Commission, and Cultural Connections, aiming to enhance environmental cleanliness, create safe spaces, and boost civic pride in the town. The Society's focus is on revitalising alleyways, particularly the Historic Rows extending from King Street and Marketplace, integral to the town's trading legacy. Volunteers gather weekly on Tuesdays, from 10am to 11:30am, for alleyway improvement sessions, equipped with tools and protective gear. Tasks include collecting litter, disposing of waste, clearing vegetation, and advocating for the project through awareness activities.

This activity is made possible by the Home Office Safer Streets Fund, sponsored via Norfolk PCC and Great Yarmouth Borough Council. The office of the Norfolk PCC awarded a grant of £5,000 to The Civic Society of Great Yarmouth to run the weekly community clean-ups in alleyways across the town.

Already, visible improvements have emerged, with weed-clearing efforts extended to other town roads.

Additionally, the Society organises an annual competition to recognise businesses and market stalls with the best frontages. Great Yarmouth has two business improvement districts in the town, and the Town Centre Partnership supports our awards for shops, businesses, and Market Stalls. Taken together, they are collectively incentivising civic pride and encouraging community engagement in maintaining Great Yarmouth's charm.

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