Help us shape the Housing White Paper

At Civic Voice we are aware of the growth agenda and the need for more homes to be built. Our members understand this too, yet all over England, many of these members, knowledgeable and positive people, have had to engage in fighting local plans and planning proposals that they feel passionately are not right for the pace of development in their area.

The Civic Voice Design Awards show that people are willing to welcome new developments when they have been properly consulted.

Civic Voice, as the authoritative voice for the civic movement wants our members to participate in shaping our response to the national Housing White paper to inform a national civic movement response.

Ian Harvey, Executive Director for Civic Voice said “Despite the introduction of neighbourhood planning, many citizens feel that, due to other changes the planning system, including changes to permitted development rights and the national planning system, their cities, towns and villages are not being shaped locally. This is your chance to change the direction of the white paper by contributing to our national response. The more responses we receive to the consultation, the greater the weight to our own response when speaking to government”.

You can take the survey here. Please read through the word document version of the survey first so you have an idea of what kind of questions you will be asked.

You can read that here.

Shaping the Housing White paper is connected with our collaborative planning campaign where we want more communities to have the opportunity to genuinely participate in shaping their places. You can download our campaign toolkit here.