High Streets Task Force report shows the impact of support across England

The High Streets Task Force comprises a consortium of placemaking experts - 13 esteemed partners who contribute their knowledge, resources, and expertise. Civic Voice is proud to be counted among these distinguished partners.

This month, the Task Force's central team released its latest report, covering its work with communities across England from 2021 to August 2022. The report includes case studies of select locations that have received Task Force support, providing valuable insights gained from working with over 130 towns and cities to understand their unique challenges and opportunities for regeneration.

The most sought-after areas of support for high streets have been in the realms of 'governance and partnerships' and 'stakeholder engagement,' with recommendations provided to locations after the initial Task Force visit to diagnose barriers to transformation.

The Task Force has highlighted examples of achievements and progress in locations such as Kendal and Blackpool, where support through its program has made a tangible impact. Additionally, there have been notable place impacts observed, particularly in the northern regions of England. This shows that areas that are collaborating locally are benefitting beyond the original Hiigh Street Task Force support. 

These findings may not surprise Civic Societies, but having independent research from a Government-supported body adds value to the evidence base. By understanding and addressing the challenges faced by high streets, with tangible outcomes and success stories, hopefully, the report will inspire and informs more places to start collaborating to improve their local areas.

So, how can civic societies and others put these insights into practice? Advocating for policy changes, advocating for a seat at the table, collaborating with local stakeholders, initiating pilot projects, sharing knowledge, and collaborating directly with the Task Force are all practical steps civic societies can take. By acting on these insights, civic societies can continue actively contributing to the regeneration and improvement of their local high streets, creating vibrant and thriving communities for future generations. 

Read the report via: https://www.highstreetstaskforce.org.uk/news/high-streets-task-force-report-shows-impact-of-support-across-england/