Ian Harvey speaks at national conference on town centres and high streets

This week, Ian Harvey, Director of Civic Voice, brought his extensive experience to the national Association of Town Centre managers conference on town centre ownership, joining a panel debate representing Civic Societies.

As a member of the Executive Group of the High Street Task Force, a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Place Management, and a judge in Visa's Best Town Competition, Ian was uniquely positioned to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities facing high streets. The debate, chaired by Prof. Cathy Parker from the Institute of Place Management and featuring the Bid Foundation, was an excellent platform for Ian to promote the work of Civic Societies. With 69% of Civic Societies involved in projects to improve their local high streets, Ian highlighted their potential to lead the change our high streets need.

Using examples from Aldershot, Beeston, and Wisbech, Ian explained that successful revitalisation requires appropriate partnerships and collaboration. He also talked about Civic Voice's place improvement process and how we can support any groups who want to undertake a change in their local area.