Spalding Civic Society helping to shape a possible BID for Spalding

A significant step has been taken towards the establishment of a Spalding Business Improvement District (BID) following a recent public meeting. The gathering expressed strong support for the creation of a BID, encompassing 416 businesses, which would contribute additional funds alongside their existing business rates.0

It is anticipated that a vote on the formation of a BID by business and shop owners will occur in March 2024, following consultations and a campaign launch set for the new year. Mo Aswat, from The Mosaic Partnership, a firm engaged by South Holland District Council to explore the BID's creation, revealed that it could generate an annual levy of £170,000 to £250,000 for initiatives aimed at drawing more visitors to the town.

Approximately 75% of businesses are reportedly willing to contribute around £1 per day, although the source of this research remains unclear. Mr. Aswat also suggested that the payment is likely to become mandatory, as voluntary contributions historically received participation from only around 20% of businesses, with costs for empty properties falling on the landlords.

While attendees at the meeting were largely in favor of the BID, many participants wished to address other pertinent concerns. These included issues such as public toilet provision and combating anti-social behavior in the town center. Some argued that these issues should be addressed before moving forward with the BID creation. Spalding Civic Society Chairman, John Bland, suggested a separate public meeting to focus on anti-social behavior.

Catherine Duce, Chair of the Spalding Business Board, emphasized the need to improve the town's image, highlighting the importance of presenting a positive message about Spalding. The goal is to enhance the town's appeal and create a platform for funding and coordinated efforts to bolster its resilience and vitality.

In summary, the Spalding BID project is progressing positively, with strong backing from local businesses, but the meeting also shed light on pressing issues that deserve attention in parallel with this development.