Spalding Civic Society to deliver arts trail with UK Shared Prosperity Funding

In collaboration with the local arts organisation Transported, the Spalding Civic Society is commissioning a new art trail, MARK-IT, which will feature inspiring sculptures themed around the town’s historical markets. These artworks will be strategically placed in streets traditionally used for animal sales—such as The Sheepmarket for sheep, New Road for cattle, and Red Lion Street for pigs—aiming to revitalise these areas and celebrate South Holland’s significant contribution to the nation's food supply.

The project, funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as part of the government’s Levelling-Up agenda, aims to boost  pride and interest in Spalding’s market heritage. By reintroducing representations of sheep, cattle, and pigs into the town centre through sculptures and other artwork, the initiative aims not only to beautify the town but also to attract visitors, potentially boosting local tourism and foot traffic.

In preparation for the MARK-IT trail, the Civic Society is reaching out to the community for photos and memories of the livestock auctions that once took place in Spalding’s town centre. These personal recollections will help build a comprehensive history of the market and its impact on the town and the wider food industry. A spokesperson for the Spalding Civic Society said: "It's a chance for attendees to ask questions, share ideas, and even join the committee. The society is eager to hear stories from the cattle market days and involve the community in this exciting project."

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We know of other groups that have been successful with UKSPF funding, but we would love to know about any other projects. Do tell us if you are involved in a UKSPF project so we can include this as evidence in our manifesto call for a future government to keep the fund.