The Ramsgate Society and Ramsgate Town Council to hold a Climate Action Day

The Ramsgate Society and Ramsgate Town Council are pleased to announce that they will be hosting a Climate Action Day exclusively for residents of Ramsgate. The event aims to engage and empower residents and community groups in addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

Scheduled for Sunday, 18th June, the Climate Action Day will occur at Radford House, located on Effingham Road in Ramsgate (CT11 9AT). Running from 10.45am to 5.15pm, the full-day event offers residents ample time to immerse themselves in various activities centered around climate action.

The day's primary objective is to provide a platform for residents to voice their opinions while fostering a sense of civic responsibility in mitigating the climate crisis. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their views and gain valuable insights into practical steps that can be taken to address this global challenge.

The Climate Action Day promises to be a positive and transformative experience, with numerous innovative ideas to inspire change in participants' daily lives. Local environmental activist, Dr. Chris Newman, and Thanet District Council's Climate Officer, Dr. Hannah Scott, will lead presentations and discussions in the morning session. Together, they will guide participants through the "Take The Jump" program, which outlines six simple actions that can significantly impact climate change.

Following the morning sessions, a captivating three-hour Climate Fresk session will be facilitated by Dr. Chris Newman and Phil Shotton, a local green activist and esteemed member of The Ramsgate Society Committee. This interactive group activity aims to deepen participants' understanding of climate change fundamentals, regardless of their scientific background.

The day will conclude with a focused discussion on positive pathways forward, encouraging attendees to actively contribute to shaping a sustainable future for the Ramsgate community.

The Climate Action Day is open to all residents of Ramsgate, and early booking is recommended through Eventbrite to secure a place.  Click here to book: Climate Action Day