Wakefield Civic Society’s response to the House of Lords inquiry on Town Centres

In response to the House of Lords Select Inquiry on Town Centres, Wakefield Civic Society has taken a proactive stance, preparing a response to address the challenges and opportunities facing Wakefield City Centre.

With town centres undergoing rapid transformations influenced by changing consumer behaviours, economic shifts, and evolving community needs, the input of civic societies to the House of Lords Inquiry is crucial for providing a comprehensive understanding of the diverse landscape of town centres across the UK.

One notable aspect included in Wakefield Civic Society's response is the revelation that members of the society have had little contact with the High Street Task Force. This raises questions about the level of engagement between civic societies and national initiatives aimed at revitalising town centres. As such, Civic Voice wonders what other civic societies think about this issue and whether they have experienced similar challenges in participating in national regeneration efforts.

As the challenges facing town centres continue to evolve, now more than ever, it is imperative for civic societies across the country to respond to Civic Voice's call to action to reply to the inquiry. In the spirit of collaboration, Civic Voice encourages civic societies nationwide to explore Wakefield Civic Society's response to the House of Lords Inquiry on Town Centres. Read the response here.

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