Wakefield High Street Taskforce, a place-partnership aimed at rejuvenating Wakefield.

The Taskforce is made up of representatives from Wakefield Council, the Combined Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, Wakefield BID, and other local partners, including 3rd sector organisations and local businesses, who are all working together to revitalise the city centre.

Taskforce members combine their skills, resources, and expertise to advise the Council on applications for government funding and are now overseeing expenditure of over £40M in Towns Deal and Levelling-Up funding secured by the Council for the city centre. This funding will enable redevelopment of a number of key sites through a mix of refurbishment projects and new build schemes. These will make the city centre more appealing to local residents, businesses and visitors to the city.

We are pleased to see that Kevin Trickett MBE, President of Wakefield Civic Society, is not only a member of the Wakefield High Street Taskforce but became Deputy Chair in 2022 and is currently the acting Chair. This demonstrates the critical role that civic societies can play in shaping and influencing the development of their communities. According to a 2022 study conducted by the University of Reading, 69% of civic societies actively participate in projects aimed at improving their local town centres, and the the types of local leaders every town needs. 

The taskforce's collaborative approach is a great example of how different stakeholders can come together to drive positive change in their community. By working together, the taskforce is able to draw on a range of perspectives and ideas to create a city centre that meets the needs and aspirations of its residents and visitors.

To find out more about the Wakefield High Street Taskforce, please visit the Wakefield Council website: https://www.wakefield.gov.uk/regeneration/wakefield-city/wakefield-high-street-taskforce



Many civic societies are playing a significant place leadership role in their communities utilising local knowledge and local links to boost pride in the place where they live. At Civic Voice, we believe that civic societies have a vital role to play in supporting these kinds of initiatives. By promoting community engagement, encouraging dialogue between different stakeholders, and advocating for the needs of their local area, civic societies can help to shape and influence the development of their city centre. Get in touch with Civic Voice and let us know how your civic society is collaborating with other stakeholders to support the regeneration of town centre and high streets across England. You can contact us via: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)