We need you to support us. If not now, will you ever join Civic Voice? 

We know that civic societies and organised community groups add value to the planning process. Outside of local government, civic societies still remain the best route into the planning process for serious community involvement and engagement – and that role needs to be recognised in the new planning system.

Whilst we support the need for streamlining the planning process, we are extremely concerned that the proposals in the planning white paper reduce the role of communities beyond anything we have seen before. If the proposals go ahead, the role of civic societies will change forever. We need you to support us as we prepare for our biggest challenge yet. We are going to be campaigning strongly against the Government's plans to reduce the right for communities to make representations on individual planning applications. We must ensure there are opportunities for local input as development schemes evolve and make their way through the planning process.  

There is a long road ahead to ensure community groups continue to have a voice in the planning a system. A long road to go on to recover public confidence in the planning system.  The proposals will only increase the challenges. 

We need you to join Civic Voice as we get organised ahead of the Planning Bill later this year.

If you are not prepared to join Civic Voice now, when the role of organised community groups could change forever, we must ask.  what will it take for you to join?