HRH The Prince of Wales message to Blackpool

A message from HRH The Prince of Wales to the Civic Societies National Convention, Blackpool, October 2009
As the former Patron of the Civic Trust, I was saddened to hear of its demise in April this year.  I was particularly concerned for the future of the network of civic societies which can be of such value for many communities around this country.  It was, therefore, hugely encouraging to see the emergence of the Civic Society Initiative to find a way to fill this void.  I think Tony Burton and Ian Harvey deserve every congratulation for what they have helped achieve in less than five short months. 
As civic societies, you play an essential part in cherishing the much-loved roots and identities of our communities and campaigning for a better, more sustainable, future.  As a movement, your own roots are long and your achievements extensive.  Out of adversity you now have an opportunity, if I may say so, to build something even stronger – a powerful community movement which can address the challenges of a fast-changing world and remain a steadfast champion of the fabric and character of our nation’s cities, towns and villages.  Nowhere should be without its civic society and no-one should be without the voice you can provide.
So I can only offer you all my very best wishes on this important and historic occasion.  Yours is a cause which needs to flourish for the sake of all our futures and I must express the hope that my own Foundation for the Built Environment and The Prince’s Regeneration Trust will be able to support and contribute to your thinking as you move forward.
HRH The Prince of Wales

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