Biskey Howe Viewpoint

Overgrown vegetation at Biskey Howe viewpoint

Following the tree thinning at Biskey Howe viewpoint a few months ago, SLDC have recently cleared overgrown vegetation. Many rhododendrons and much scrub on the northern and western flanks of the viewpoint were removed during October, making the access paths lighter and more inviting.

The next phase of works will start in the first quarter of next year, with trees at the top of the viewpoint being thinned to open up views across the lake to Belle Isle and Claife Heights. Depending upon funding, it is hoped to thin out more rhododendrons to raise the prominence of the large, older trees around the rocky viewpoint. SLDC’s aim is to restore Biskey Howe to its condition before the invasion of wild shrubs and self-seeded saplings.

SLDC are also going to arrange for their contractor to litter-sweep Biskey Howe and monitor littering over the coming months. A litter bin might be provided but there are logistical issues with arranging bin collections in the area. SLDC would also like to see more benches at Biskey Howe where there are at least six empty plinths.

In some ways, the work at Biskey Howe is similar to, but not as extensive as, that seen at Millerground during recent years. Members might remember that the Society applied for, and obtained, a Locally Important Project (LIP) grant to boost public funds for Millerground improvements, and we will be applying for a further LIP grant for the Biskey Howe work.

Finally for now, there will be opportunities for Civic Society members to help with clearing of weeds, bracken and light scrub, probably in late January and early February 2018. We will circulate details of these working parties nearer the time but, in the meantime, please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to be involved.