Conservation Areas

In the Civic Amenities Act of 1967, Conservation Areas are defined as ‘areas of special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’. As with listed buildings planning applications in these areas are the subject of special notice in the local press.

A large part of Bowness was designated in 1982 and this society contributed to the research involved. The area includes both sides of Lake Road from Biskey Howe Road down to The Belsfield and Old England Hotels extending to the east to include The Hydro and Crown Court and westwards to include the church and Old Bowness as far as Old Fallbarrow. We have submitted a case for designation of the centre of Windermere and the National Park Authority hopes to achieve this “ in the next couple of years”.

When introduced, the idea of Conservation Areas was welcomed by local authorities and bodies such as ourselves and many areas were designated throughout the country. Since then enthusiasm has waned, concerned residents and council officers have moved on or away and, as so often the case, lack of funding has prevented enhancement schemes, which were integral to the whole idea, being pursued.

Existing conservation areas are subject to appraisal and revision and areas in Grasmere and Ambleside have recently been revised. It is encouraging that, even in the current “do little” atmosphere, Lancaster City Council is canvassing opinion on the designation of part of Carnforth.