Strength In Numbers

  This issue affects the Society on two fronts a) its committee and b) its membership. The continued strength of both is essential for the Society to remain vibrant and effective. Regrettably but understandably natural wastage is reducing our ranks and after so many successful years it would be sad to see the Society dwindle any further.
  The Committee work is interesting, can be rewarding or frustrating but always enjoyable, with sociable, monthly meetings of about two hours held in the comfort of the Hydro.
  Special features of our environment need special attention outside of committee “hours” to such issues as open spaces, sewerage problems, housing, trees and development proposals. On some issues we need to match the experts in knowledge and vocabulary and find a way through the corridors of power to make our views known.
  Have you a skill or specialism which could benefit the Society? Are you a graphic artist, a solicitor, planning officer, architect or politician, retired or not? Could you launch and lead a young members’ group? Research and give a presentation to members on a topic of local interest? Lead local walks? Carry out studies or surveys? Or could you arrange visits to sites, places or features of interest or concern to an amenity group such as ours? Please do consider and let us know. If you would like to “dip a toe” you would be welcome to attend committee meetings as a guest before co-option or election.
  A membership of nearly 500 sounds good but again we need to replace losses and, if possible, grow bigger and therefore stronger. Please try and recruit friends, neighbours and family; bring them to meetings or on outings and share your newsletter with them. Membership requires little effort, very little expense and includes regular newsletters delivered free. Have you any ideas for recruitment? Would a “family membership” involve more, younger people? Would you consider giving Life Membership as a Christmas present? Are further “free” coffee mornings the way forward?