Waterbird Plaque

  The Waterbird Plaque is the second in the series of plaques produced by the Civic Society, the first being on the Windermere Hotel.

  In the early morning of 25 November 1911 a hydro-aeroplane called "Waterbird" took off from the waters of Windermere, flew for a short time and alighted safely. Herbert Stanley Adams was the pilot on this historic occasion, though the whole enterprise had been the brainchild of barrister landowner E W Wakefield of Kendal. This was one of the world’s first successful flights from water and is recognised as the first successful complete flight from water, and safely back again, in Britain.

  The unveiling of the Waterbird Plaque on the Society topograph on The Glebe took place on 20th September, 2012, and was followed by an evening talk at the Marchesi Centre.




  Waterbird photograph reproduced with pemission of The Lakes Flying Co Ltd