Commemorative Plaques

We are sometimes asked for guidance on how to go about getting a commemorative plaque installed. Most people think of ‘Blue Plaques’ because of the familiar blue and white ceramic design that is so well established in London. These plaques mark houses where famous people lived or worked, or the sites of famous buildings or historical events. They are usually appreciated by both local residents and visitors.

Anyone can put up a plaque and over 70 civic societies have initiated a standardised design. The most important criteria relate to the status and public recognition of the person to be commemorated. For example, no names are considered unless the person has been dead for twenty years or until the centenary of their birth - whichever is the earlier.

As a way to highlight this significant contribution to local heritage we have developed this section to promote the work of civic societies in erecting Blue Plaques. The societies highlighted on the map have all implemented Blue Plaque schemes and are happy for other civic societies to get in touch if they would like to learn more.

If you civic society is not listed, email and we will be glad to promote your work.

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