Local Heritage List

Following a vote at the Civic Voice convention in 2012, this is now a national campaign championed by Civic Voice with the endorsement of English Heritage. Civic societies up and down the country are rising to the challenge of preparing a ‘Local List’.

Local Lists have been around for many years and nearly half of the Local Planning Authorities in England already have one. (Civic Voice is looking at making this list public). What is new is that Local Lists are being promoted in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Historic England is encouraging all local authorities to compile one.

We would be pleased to come and give a talk to any society who wants to learn more about local heritage listing.

A Local Heritage Listing: Historic England Advice Note has been produced by Historic England and there is a strong emphasis on working in partnership with community groups such as civic societies. 

Contact us at info@civicvoice.org.uk if you want to get involved in this campaign.

Get Involved

Many civic societies have helped compile a Local Heritage List and are using it to ensure they have an extra "tool" to champion the local historic environment. This week, we have been sharing a video with civic societies starring Rob Loyd Sweet from Historic England 

The 15 minute video introduces the basics of Local Heritage Lists, which, according to National Planning Policy Guidance, local lists which are incorporated into Local Plans can be a positive way for the local planning authority to identify non-designated heritage assets against consistent criteria so as to improve the predictability of the potential for sustainable development. 

Interested in learning more about Local Heritage Lists? Why not watch the short video which explain the benefits here.

You can view the national guidance on Local Lists here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/conserving-and-enhancing-the-historic-environment#non-designated-heritage-assets 

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